Council House Tenants

This is a guide to records of council house tenants in Glasgow during the twentieth century.

What do I need to know before I start?

Try to find out:

  • name of the person

  • their address

  • the dates they lived at that address

What records can I find in The Mitchell: Glasgow City Archives?

There are rental rolls for council house tenants in our collections (ref: D-CF1-2). These give details of tenants in various schemes and range in date from 1921 until 1972. Entries normally include tenants’ names and addresses. Other information can include previous addresses, rent and entry dates. The draft rolls for re-housing also include information about family composition and household income (ref: D-CF2/2).  The records are closed for 75 years under data protection legislation.  


The valuation rolls for the city provide the names of owners and occupiers of properties within Glasgow in a particular year. You can use these rolls to discover how long a person lived at a particular address. More information about these records is included in the guide on Valuation Rolls


Glasgow City Archives holds the architectural plans for many council houses and housing schemes. The plans will show the layout of the houses in which people lived. More information about these records is included in our leaflet on Architectural Plans and our guide on Maps and Plans

What records can I see online?

The 1895, 1905,  1915 and 1920 valuation rolls are available online.