Ancestry who will you discover?

Ancestry Library Edition is an invaluable online genealogical resource, offering access to thousands of searchable databases.

What do I need to know before I start?

The full name of the person, including middle names (if you have them). The following information will help to identify an individual, especially if they have a common name such as David Smith:

  • place of birth

  • where they lived eg for searching a census record

  • port of departure or port of entry eg for searching passenger lists

  • father’s name

  • mother’s name

  • wife’s or husband's name

  • dates

How do I access Ancestry at The Mitchell: Special Collections?

Members of Glasgow Libraries have free access to Ancestry from any library computer.  Visitors can apply for temporary membership to enable them to use this resource.


Join Glasgow Libraries in person by visiting The Mitchell Library or your local library, or join online.


What information is available in Ancestry?


Ancestry contains thousands of databases and our staff can offer tips to help you search them effectively.

Resources include:


Census Collections for Scotland, England and Wales

Civil Registration Index, England and Wales

US Federal Census and Canadian Census Collection

Military Collection

Immigration and Emigration

US Obituaries and Death Notices

Charts and forms to help you build your family tree  


See Ancestry for full list of what's available to view.


Details given in the various records vary, but those for Census reports include:

  • address

  • head of household

  • place of birth

  • age

  • occupation

  • other people living in the house during night of the Census

​What databases are on Ancestry?

  • Census images for England and Wales: 1841- 1911

  • Census transcripts for Scotland: 1841-1901

  • British Army World War I Records: 1914-1920

  • British Navy Lists: 1888-1970

  • British Army Roll of Honour: 1939-1945

  • British Phonebooks: 1880-1984

  • British Prisoners of War: 1939-1945

  • New York Passenger Lists: 1820-1957

  • UK Incoming Passenger Lists: 1878-1960

  • Civil Registration Index (Births, Marriages, Deaths) England and Wales, 1837- present

  • Ireland, Civil Registration Indexes Marriage, 1845-1958

  • Ireland, Civil Registration Indexes Births, 1864-1958

  • US Federal Census, 1790-1930


A full list of all databases is available to view on Ancestry.

​What records can I see elsewhere?

The original source records for many of Ancestry's databases can be found in diverse archives and collections. This includes the National Records of Scotland and The National Archives