Hospital Records

Discover your ancestors in the records of hospitals, clinics and asylums in Glasgow, Paisley and in other areas of the west of Scotland.

​What do I need to know before I start?

Try to find out:  

  • name

  • hospital

  • dates

What records can I find in The Mitchell:  NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Archives and Glasgow City Archives?


We are now able to offer reader visits based at Glasgow City Archives Searchroom. These will be offered in line with the current Glasgow City Archives service, meaning an appointment must be booked prior to your visit. This can be arranged by emailing us directly: Appointment bookings will be taken from Tuesday 19th April 2022 onwards.  

Glasgow City Archives Searchroom is currently open Tuesday – Thursday 10am – 4pm which should be considered when planning your visit.   

Appointments must be booked at least one week in advance and a maximum of four weeks in advance. It might be possible to combine your visit whilst also accessing material from Glasgow City Archives. Please let us know if this would be an option for you when booking an appointment. 

We anticipate the reader service being in high demand and will try to accommodate as many requests as we can. Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time.  

Hospital records are mainly held in the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Archives. The records consist primarily of the records of hospitals, clinics and asylums in Glasgow, Dunbartonshire, Greenock and Paisley.  You can access a list of the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Archives holdings online.


The records vary but you may find:  

  • registers of admissions and discharges

  • registers of birth

  • registers of death

  • ward registers or journals

  • case notes

  • registers of medical staff, including nurses and doctors



If you seek patient records within these periods, or information regarding your own treatment, you should contact the NHS Archivist. 


The City Archives holds a number of records relating to lunacy including:

  • records of Glasgow District Lunacy Board, 1888-1944 (ref: D-HEW7) which includes registers of boarded-out mental patients, records of petitions for certification and registers of notified cases

  • lunatic asylum record books, 1943-1962 (ref: D-HEW35)

  • particulars of cases visited in regard to lunacy certificates, 1949-1962 (D-HEW36)

  • records of Renfrew District Luncacy Board, 1858-1948, (ref: CO2/8/1) including minute books and a register of pauper patients in Dykebar Asylum

  • registers of lunatics in Govan Combination Parish, 1877-1930 (D-HEW5/2)


These have a 75 year closure on records of adults, and a 100 year closure period on records of minors​.

What records can I see online?

 There are no records online.

What other resources will help me find information?


You can access summary details of the contents of the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Archives online and more detailed lists on the Archives Hub.