Glenboig Family History Group

The Glenboig men's club visit Family History at The Mitchell.

Watch the Glenboig men's club delve into the extensive archives and research the war dead from the Glenboig area of Glasgow.

In February 2013, a group of men from the Glenboig and Annathill areas started to research the war dead from their local area. Their online research quickly led them to Evening Times Roll of Honour. ​

During the First World War, Glasgow's Evening Times newspaper printed short biographies of service personnel who were reported as missing, killed or wounded. Most of these biographies were accompanied by a photograph of these long-gone heroes, often now the only one that exists. The Mitchell Library has produced indexes to these entries as a valuable addition to their Family History resources.

The group were keen to view the originals and find out all they could about those lost in WWI. A visit was soon organised for the group to visit The Mitchell to see the original copies of the Roll of Honour. Watch the video to learn what they discovered about the men that were commemorated on the local cenotaph.

Find out more about the Evening Times Roll of Honour​.