School Records and WWI Conscription

You just can’t beat Glasgow City Archives’ collection of records relating to the city’s schools, which is why we receive dozens of enquiries every month from family historians looking for information about school records. 

The record types we hold vary, from building plans and photographs to admission registers and headteachers’ log books. The latter two source types are particularly useful as they often contain very detailed information. Admission registers include such details about pupils as their name, date of birth and previous school. Log books are a headteacher’s personal account of events within the school or which affect it. It is not surprising that between 1914 and 1918, this included the impact of events from The Great War.

Below is an extract from a 1916 log book from Govan High School in Glasgow which refers to the effect of the recent new conscription laws on a member of staff. On the 25th of May 1916 the Military Service Act was altered so that the minimum compulsory age was now eighteen and married men were no longer an exception. This meant a further percentage of British males were required to leave their jobs at short notice, such as in this case.  

Although Glasgow City Archives welcomes you to view our resources, please be aware that Data Protection legislation means that access restrictions to school records may apply. More information can be found in our Schools, Pupils and Teachers guide.  

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