Using Valuation rolls

​Valuation rolls are an invaluable source for family historians as they list every house or piece of ground, along with the names of tenants and proprietors and the annual rateable value. Glasgow City Archives holds the Valuation Rolls for the city from 1855 until 1988. Valuation rolls can also give an insight into economic fluctuation at a particular time period.
A good example of a time when rent prices may have been affected is during the 1915 Glasgow Rent Strikes. The onset of World War One had brought a steep inflation of rent by cunning landlords who profiteered from the demand for cheap housing for incoming munitions workers. Many working class women campaigned to oppose these measures, prominently organised by ILP member Mary Barbour.
On the 17th of November 1915, their cause erupted into a huge demonstration from thousands of protestors which successfully lead to the implementation of the Rent Restrictions Act.
The image below is extracted from a 1914-15 Valuation Rolls for Govan and shows the entry for Mary Barbour’s property on Ure Street. (Reference: Glasgow Valuation Roll/1914-1915/Ward 29) To find out how Valuation Rolls might help you in your own family history research please visit:
Ure Street Val Roll Final Image.002small.jpg

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